Coventry Residents
As of mid 2015
Average Age
Younger than average
Lower than average
Born Overseas
Higher than average
Cultural events
Life Expectancy
Lower than average

Exploring the Data of Coventry

Using this tool you can explore the difference between the wards of Coventry, and the correlations between the differences in their data.

Differences in Ward Data

You can explore the geographical distribution of different demographic, attitudes and levels of cultural participation and support across the city. You can multiple click the values in each section as well. By picking variables is each map you can see connections between, for instance, ethnic group, quality of life and cultural participation.
The first map draws on the ONS Census to give data on age, ethnicity, religion, economic activity. The second draws on the Coventry Household Survey 2016 and gives insight into attitudes, health and neighborhood values. The third draws on cultural participation data.

Correlations in Ward Data

This is a tool for exploring the correlation between two different variables selected from 3 different data categories: ONS Census, Households Survey and Cultural Participation. Select the items in the menu and tick the boxes to create and display the desired variables you want to analyse - you can tick multiple boxes adding the values up.
A scatter plot in the center will show a two-dimensional point for each ward and the correlation between the selected variables. A correlation analysis can be performed underneath by pressing run.